Fairmount Foundry - Quality Control System


We have implemented our own quality control system, This comprehensive system incorporates all of the elements of ISO 9002 and outlines all responsibilities and procedures that are critical for the consistent production of quality castings. A Quality Control Manual has been developed and is available upon request. This manual is basically a “statement of intent” which describes how we deal with the quality related aspects of each manufacturing operation. Our Quality Control Procedures Manual and Work Instructions Manuals are “in-house” guides that detail the methods, controls and procedures that have been implemented to carry out the content outlined in the Quality Control Manual. This system is designed to identify non-conforming product and documents the corrective action taken to prevent shipment of substandard castings. The system will be audited annually to assure that compliance standards are maintained.

A gray iron test bar being poured



Our goal is to become an “extension” of your manufacturing team by providing high quality castings on time. As a team, we can also help you reduce your costs with our bar coding system. This system generates a unique shipping label which can include any pertinent information you need to track for inventory control. Pattern No.’s, Part No.’s, P.O. No.’s, ... etc. can be bar coded using your bar code style and font to streamline material flow and reduce your total “bill of materials” costs. Bar coded castings decrease material receiving time, reduce errors, and allow you to manage real time inventory quantities and costs.




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